Business Sense

"We never imagined that we could be working with such large and prestigious customers. Becoming an i-ntarsia reseller has really boosted our business, and opened up a whole world of opportunity."

Jo Wakefield
Bluebell Web Design

I-ntarsiatm - Making Business Sense

Selecting a website management platform is a big decision and it must make Business Sense. We have developed the i-ntarsia system using the experience we have gained since I-Next was founded in 1995. That's why we believe it makes business sense to a wide variety of businesses that develop websites:

  • Web Developers: Even where there is considerable in-house expertise in web technology, using i-ntarsia can make delivering a web project easier and more profitable.
  • Creative Agencies: Where agencies don't want to get involved with the technology, i-ntarsia is a perfect fit, combining great software with hosting and management.
  • Digital Agencies: Larger digital agencies can use i-ntarsia to fill the gap between larger/bespoke CMS implementations and small campaign sites.
  • Web Businesses: I-ntarsia and its underlying technology can be used to build other web businesses. Find out how i-ntarsia supports a franchise travel business, and some of the largest online sales incentives.

We have gone through the "business sense" analysis successfully with all manner of companies. Even if you think your current practice is perfect, why not get in touch to see if our approach offers any business advantage. The least you could gain is confirmation that you're on top of your game.