Creative Freedom

If you believe that your clients are looking for unique design and unique customer experience in their web site, then you probably think that using a management system can stifle both.

Think Again!

I-ntarsia is the only web site management platform built specifically with the creative agency in mind.

Digital Rights Audit

When building a website for a client, it is crucial for the creative agency to track and manage the digital rights associated with the source materials used. This is especially true today with automated technology being used to highlight possible breaches of copyright law. It is hugely damaging for an agency to have a customer threatened with an inflated fee or legal action by an aggressive copyright holder.

The i-ntarsia system has a built in audit process which enables you to record all of the rights obtained for every image, sound, animation and video on the website.

Helping the Site Creator

The audit report is exceptionally useful for the site creator to record all rights purchases and grants as the site is built. Prior to launch/handover, the audit can ensure that nothing has slipped through the net in the run up to the launch deadline. At handover, the client can clearly see all of the rights obtained upon their behalf, and therefore be comfortable dealing with a professional organisation.

Helping the Site Manager

The audit use doesn't stop at launch, however. Running weekly, the audit checks for new material added to the site or existing material updated on the site. The site owner can choose to be notified of all material where the rights situation is unclear.