Creative Freedom

If you believe that your clients are looking for unique design and unique customer experience in their web site, then you probably think that using a management system can stifle both.

Think Again!

I-ntarsia is the only web site management platform built specifically with the creative agency in mind.

I-ntarsiatm - Making Creative Sense

Selecting a website management platform is a big decision and it must make Creative Sense. We have developed the i-ntarsia system using the experience we have gained since I-Next was founded in 1995. That's why we believe it makes creative sense to a wide variety of businesses that develop websites:

  • Design: We say that you can put just about any design into the i-ntarsia system. Find out how.
  • Rich Media: We can enable the use of most rich media types. Find out how.
  • Customer Experience: We let you design the customer experience. Find out how.
  • Brand Preservation: Having created a superb online brand, how can you control it within a management system?


We have gone through the "creative sense" analysis successfully with many agencies. Even if you think that every management system would restrict your creativity, why not get in touch to see if our approach offers any creative advantage. The least you could gain is confirmation that you're on top of your game.