I-ntarsia 15 Module Bundle


An additional fifteen modules for i-nsitu plus or any i-ntarsia edition.

I-ntarsis modules are sold in bundle sets in addition to the 5 modules that are inlcuded with each i-ntarsia edition. This means that if your site needs between 6 and 10 modules you will need to buy a 5 module bundle in addition to the base i-ntarsia edition.

Module FAQ

  1. I need 6 modules do I have to add a 5 module bundle to my base edition?
    Yes. What this means is that you can also look through the module list and choose to have other modules installed to extend your site's functionality.
  2. Can I swap modules?
    Yes, you can swap modules or use specific modules for a short period of time. Talk to your site designer for details. Please note, however, that some modules need some technical work to set them up, and so there may be charges.
  3. What modules are covered by the bundles?
    All of our modules are covered by this including the very complex modules such as ecommerce.