Assessment Module


Enables the creation and publication of on-line assessments. Assessments can be marked and results presented for users.


The I-ntarsia® Assessment Module allows you to create multiple assessments/quizzes, comprising multiple choice questions and answers, and get the system to mark them for you when users submit them. After a user has completed an assessment they can be shown which questions they got right, and which wrong for eLearning purposes, and/or just given their overall score. The module is only programmed to mark multiple choice questions and although it is possible to enter questions in another format, there is no real benefit to doing so.

It is also possible to define options to send users to another module within I-ntarsia. For example, if a user scored over 55% in the assessment, they could automatically be redirected to the PDF Stamp Module to print out a certificate.

The I-ntarsia Assessment Module is designed to work with one page quizzes but can easily be adapted to support larger Assessments if necessary.


  • Create and mark multiple choice assessments/quizzes
  • Results page shows overall score and can show which questions were answered correctly and which were wrong for eLearning purposes
  • Can be linked to other modules such as the PDF Stamp Module


This module is not designed for anonymous users and, therefore, the eBusiness Person Module is required.