eBusiness Person Module


Restrict access to the site based upon username and password. Create user roles and enable users of different roles to access different sets of information and services.


The I-ntarsia® eBusiness Person Module is automatically included in the Enterprise Edition. It enables users to control who has access to different parts of their site.

This module is designed for companies with a user database. It enables them to lock down areas of the site so that they can only be accessed with a username-in and password access.

It is an essential component if you have modules such as the I-nsitu Management Module which require log-in access.

The module also includes the ability for preferences and activities to be defined and stored for individual users. It also enables logged in users to update their own details within the system. All of the stored data can be exported into a format easily used by programs such as Microsoft Excel.


  • Controls access to your site via password protection
  • Allows export of user data
  • Enables user to update their own data


This module has no special requirements