eBusiness Ticket Module


Enables the i-ntarsia to create a customer support module. This flexible module works with eBusiness Person to create a completely customisable client support system.


The i-ntarsia® eBusiness Ticket Module is a help desk ticketing system.

Individual customers can raise online requests which are then assigned to specific engineers within the host company. Once a request has been raised the system will automatically send the customer an email informing them of the ticket number and advising them how to go online and check the progress of their request.

The module allows the client to pass a request through different people in their organisation which is useful where the request on the ticket is multi-faceted.

The i-ntarsia® eBsuiness Ticket Module also provides an audited trail of all interaction with a particular customer.


  • On-line help desk ticketing system
  • Fully customisable workflow and look and feel
  • Custom fields for tickets
  • Automatic assignment to engineers/support desk
  • Pre-designed acknowledgement sent to the customer
  • Allows multiple assignees
  • Comprehensive customer interaction audit trail


This module requires the eBusiness Person module and can be integrated with the eBusiness organisation module for even greater control.