Google Base Module


Extends the eBusiness Commerce Module to allow direct listing of products in the Google Base product search system. Feeds can be set up on a schedule, or as an instant update using the Google API.


Google Base is the engine that powers Google Product Search. It is the most popular free price comparison site on the web. It is almost always essential for a successful e-commerce site to be listed on Google Product Search.

This module would only be necessary for somebody who uses the eBusiness Commerce module. To submit their products to Google Base they would need to reformat the spreadsheet that they use to load products into i-ntarsia so that it fitted the Google format. In additions they would need to add URLs for every product page and for every product image on their site.

It is very time consuming to format the I-ntarsia® spreadsheet into the Google format. This module does it for you automatically at the push of a button. It can also automate the production of the file so that a Google schedule can be used to keep Google Base up to date. For fast moving businesses, there is also an 'instant update' option which inserts products into the Google database using the Google API.


  • Automatically formats product spreadsheet into format required by Google Base.
  • Scheduled update if required
  • Instant update using Google API


Only applicable to user with I-ntarsia eBsuiness Commerce Module