Google Maps Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to embed Google Maps into i-ntarsia pages. Can be used to create simple place maps, complex interactive corporate maps or integrated with other systems to provide location information.


The I-ntarsia® Google Maps Module is perfect for companies who want to display more than 1 map on their website. A restaurant chain or a business with several office locations for example, would find this module very beneficial both in ease of use and cost saving.

The module allows you to drop a Google Map into any part of your website. Each map has zoom facilities and satellite street photos and you can add your own notes next to each displayed location.

This module can be used in one of two ways.

  1. Create a map showing a single location at a certain zoom level and display it. Users can then pan and zoom and switch to satellite view. This is a great feature for bars, restaurants and similar establishments.
  2. Create a larger map with multiple locations defined on it. Depending upon where you click/pan/zoom the displayed locations vary. Using this method, large corporate clients could define all of their offices on one map which is displayed at a "global" view. The user then clicks on an area of the map to navigate to a view showing the exact location of each office.

The Google Maps Module doesn't only display street maps. It can also be used to give people a detailed overview of such things as a golf course. A satellite view of the whole course is displayed and the user then zooms in to a tee or hole to get more information like distance, par etc.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Fully interactive maps with zoom facility and satellite imagery
  • Cost effective for companies who want to pinpoint several locations
  • Ability to insert notes next to flagged locations


This module is stand alone and can be installed on any site.