Generic Widget Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to embed services from external websites (YouTube for example) into i-ntarsia pages.


I-ntarsia® does not allow you to access HTML source code. The I-ntarsia Generic Widget Module has been designed to let you easily embed HTML code into your website. This is ideal for adding content and widgets from other sites around the web such as or YouTube. The widget can even be used to embed Google/PayPal "Buy Now" buttons for simple e-commerce sites.

You simply declare a new widget and copy the embedded code from your chosen site into the widget. To position the widget in your site you got to the i-edit applet, insert module search generic widget, select the correct one and drop it into your site exactly where you want it.

Maybe the greatest benefit of all is the ease of use for Pay per click conversion tracking which is an essential element of any successful SEO programme.


  • Simple method of embedding HTML code into a website
  • Supports all widgets worldwide
  • Helps with PPC conversion tracking


This module is stand alone and can be installed on any site.

YouTube Video Example

Here is a YouTube video from i-ntarsia customer Cambridge Semiconductor embedded into our site.