I-nsitu Management Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to delegate editing of page content to any user. Ideal where distributed editing rights are required for a site.


The I-ntarsia® I-nsitu Management Module is the perfect solution for users who want to allow people to edit specific items on their website.

For example: - you are a National organisation with multiple Regional Offices and your site features latest news from each region. You can allocate the "latest news from Newcastle" section to a member of the Newcastle office and give that person access to edit and update the text and images when necessary.

Allocated users are shown a simple list of the content items that they are allowed to edit. They have access to the content editor and image and file library but not to the complex modules that the i-ntarsia user would use.

The module gives the editor the ability to change the things they are allowed to without giving them I-ntarsia. This means that a private area, protected by User Management Login, must be set up on the website by the main I-ntarsia(TM) user. The editor then just logs in to there and edits the bits that they have rights to.


  • Easy to control content management system
  • Allocates specific content items to delegated individuals for editing
  • Allows users to access only the text editor and image library
  • Editors are not given access to I-ntarsia
  • Minimal training required


This module requires the eBsuiness Person Module to set up editorial control.