Micro Sites Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to easily create and host additional websites. The websites can be content managed, loaded from zip files or captured from an existing host.


The I-ntarsia® Micro Sites Module enables other websites to be built and managed within one i-ntarsia account. It is designed to make creating and managing marketing micro-sites a simple and quick process for i-ntarsia customers and resellers.

The module allows the user to create two types of site:

  • Content Managed. This is a website that will be created and managed using the i-ntarsia system. Templates for the new website can be added to the i-ntarsia system, and the site built as usual. All the normal i-ntarsia features are available (forms, SEO etc.).
  • Packaged. This is a site loaded from a zip file of content. They can be produced using ANY website development system and are designed to be maintained using the original tool by updating individual pages and assets. Packaged sites will need some work to take advantage of the i-ntarsia features such as the form base. There is an additional 'Dreamweaver' compatibility extension to make it easy to host sites created in Dreamweaver.

The module also features a 'Site Capture' feature which enables any existing live site to be transferred into the system as a packaged micro site in a matter of minutes.


  • Create additional websites with their own customisable host names
  • Load packaged websites created using any tool set (Dreamweaver etc)
  • Capture on-line sites for ease of hosting transfer


There are no specific requirements.