Nearest Branch Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to create a service for locating a nearest branch based upon the postcode entered. This module requires a Postcode Anywhere account, and can be integrated with the Google Maps module to present location data.


The I-ntarsia® Nearest Branch Module provides a complete system for installing a 'Nearest Branch/Office' service on an i-ntarsia site. The systems lets you load up a spreadsheet of branches/offices and allows users to enter their postcode to get a display of the nearest locations, and distances to them. This module is particularly useful for businesses that have several outlets such as retailers and restaurants.

The module uses free data from the Ordinance Survey to cover most of the UK, but it can be extended to include data from a Post Code Anywhere account where the codes entered aren't covered by the OS data. The module integrates nicely with the I-ntarsia® Google Maps Module  to show either a multi-pinned map of the nearest locations or by linking to a detailed map of each specific location.

The use of free OS data makes offering this service very cost effective with a minimal number of, if any, charged lookups.


  • Displays list of nearest locations, and mileage to, a specified post-code
  • User defined cache already searched for post-codes (subject to Post-code Anywhere licence)
  • Integrates with Google Maps Module to produce detailed location maps


For full UK coverage, the site owner will need a Post-code Anywhere account.