News & Events Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to create an easily managed site news and events system. Avoids the problem of out of date events being shown on the site.


The I-ntarsia® News and Events Module is a simple way to display formatted lists of date related content. This content would include things such as a 'Latest News' list or a 'See Us At' list. Both would be lists of documents that would link to more information, and both would require a significant amount of manual maintenance (new news items being added, past events being removed etc.)

The News and Events module allows you to create a page structure in i-ntarsia which suits the periods you will be reporting news in (years, months, days etc.) and then create date coded pages withint that structure. A news list or events list module can then be dropped into a page which will search this structure and show the items that meet the criteria.

The lists created are always up to date as they include any new content that is published within the calendar structure. This saves a great deal of time in maintaining the site.


  • Simple method of displaying and maintaining news items
  • Simple method of displaying and maintaining future events


This module is stand alone and can be installed on any site.