News Letter Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to easily create HTML newsletters, send them to site users or external lists, and track how often they are opened.


The I-ntarsia® Newsletter Module is designed to make producing an email newsletter easy.

The reseller designs an HTML newsletter template which works with a wide range of e-mail clients. The template can be configured so that it picks up the recipients name and insert a specific subject line. Once installed, simply create a page in the special ‘Newsletters' section of your site, add your content and save. You can add tables, lists and images and check your spelling.

The Newsletter Module allows you to select, in advance, the date and time for sending out email newsletters. There are two date sensitive sending options. It can be sent immediately, however this is restricted to sending 50 emails only. If you need to send more than 50, they will be sent at 23:00, GMT, on your chosen date. This can be of particular benefit to people who always send on the last day of the month because even though it may fall over the weekend, the newsletter will still automatically send.

When it comes to choosing who the newsletter is sent to, you have two options. The first is to use an external list in CSV format which can be produced from products such as Excel or almost every CRM system. The second, if you have the eBusiness Person Module, is to select registered users from your site.

The I-ntarsia® Newsletter Module also comes with a basic tracking system that allows you to see how many people have opened your email. For privacy reasons it does not track who those people are.


  • Easy production of email newsletters
  • Supports tables, images and lists
  • Each newsletter can be personalised
  • 2 methods of selecting recipients
  • 2 date sensitive sending options
  • In-built tracking system to tell how many people have opened the mail


This module is stand alone but can be used with the eBusiness Person Module and the I-nMail Mailing List Management Service.