PDF Stamp Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to easily create stamps for sections of the file library which are applied to PDF files as they are downloaded. Works with eBusiness Person to enable files to be personalised and then locked if required.


The I-ntarsia® PDF Stamp Module allows you to lock and stamp PDF files as they are downloaded. This is particularly useful if you want to let people read and print files but not edit them and as a security measure to deter users from handing sensitive documents to the wrong people.

In the file library in I-ntarsia you declare a directory with PDF files in it as a 'stamped' directory. As a part of this process you attach a message to the directory stating the parameters that should apply. For example a document could be stamped:

This file was downloaded by <username> on <date> subject to the terms and conditions of their user agreement.

Every document downloaded from that directory will automatically be stamped with the message.

The PDF Stamp Module can also be used to personalise documents such as certificates. It could be used in conjunction with the Assessment Module for example. When a user achieves a qualifying score, they are automatically directed to the PDF Stamp Module where they can print out a certificate with their name and the date stamped on it.


  • Provides security for your PDF documents
  • Allows a range of options such as locking, stamping and personalising documents
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be used to complement other I-ntarsia modules


The eBusiness Person Module is required to enable personalisation of stamps.