RSS Content Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to easily 'mashup' RSS feeds from around the web to create a unique feed for their website. This module is excellent for keeping fresh content on the site.


The I-ntarsia® RSS Content Module allows users to display content from other websites embedded in their own via an RSS feed. The BBC, for example, publishes many RSS feeds covering news and sport.

The module allows the user to define as many content streams as required. Each stream can merge up to 5 independent RSS feeds. For example, a 'Sport Stream' could be defined to take the 'Football', 'Cricket', and 'Rugby' feeds from the BBC and 'Tennis' and 'Athletics' feeds from CNN and merge them into one stream. In this way the user is building customised/unique combination of content. A stream is simply dropped into a page as a module.

This module is really simple to set up and allows you to select your own refresh times; from 15 minutes to 24 hours. For websites that want to do well with search engines this is a great feature because it provides effortless fresh content on your site every day.


  • Fresh site content daily
  • Choice of refresh times
  • Supports multiple content streams
  • Easy to set up


There are no specific requirements for this module.