Yudu eBrochure Module


Enables the i-ntarsia user to integrate Yudu interactive PDF brocures into their i-ntarsia site.


Yudu creates and publishes online, interactive versions of PDF files. As a part of the process the Yudu system produces an animated preview 'mini brochure'' which can be used on a website to link to the full interactive PDF. The 'mini brichure' is provided as a piece of embed code, much like a YouTube video. This module takes the embed code and provides it as  a module that can be inserted into any page on the client site within i-ntarsia.

The module also adds additional useful features for the reseller which are listed in the Features section. The most useful of these for the reseller is, however, the URL hiding option. As Yudu is a hosted service the normal method of displaying the brochure is to link directly to the Yudu servers. Many website owners will want to make the brochure appear on their own website rather than Yudu's. The URL hiding option does this automatically but changing the embed code to make it appear locally hosted. In addition, the whole brochure can be displayed on a page created anywhere in the client site, Thus giving the capability to create memorable URLs to eBrochures for promotion purposes.

Click here for full brochure


  • Cut and paste embed code straight from Yudu
  • Easy editing of link text
  • Yudu URL hiding