MAN Trucks Star Performance Incentive

The Star Performance incentive is one of the longest running online incentives certainly in the UK and possibly in the world. Under the incentive MAN Trucks sales and sales support personnel are rewarded with additional bonuses which are paid to the relevant personnel via Capital Incentives unique Incentive Award Card.

The Star Performance programme takes a daily feed of all MAN vehicles sales from the corporate mainframe. According to complex set of rules governing the type of vehicle, who the vehicle was sold to, how many were sold and what additional products were sold with the vehicle the system awards those involved with the sale a number of stars. Every member of the MAN sales team has an account on the system and can login to check their star balance. They are able drill down to check which individual vehicles contributed.

The use of a non-monetary value such as a "star" allows the system to create additional functions such as leagues of sales people. Stars can be aggregated on a delaership basis to create inter-dealership competitions as well as personal compeitions for other awards such as travel prizes etc. The online service also means that short term tactical awards and competitions can be run as there are no delays in communications or in personnel access to performance data.

At regular intervals, the system can convert the stars to a monetary value and pay this to the participants on their incentive awad card.

The entire system is built within i-ntarsiatm and uses a combination of Standard Incentive Modules, and custom logic modules for data loading and processing rules. Each year a new incentive website is deployed, the participants and structures transferred, and then the logic modules update to refelect that particular year's rules etc.

The i-ntarsia system coupled with the standard modules enable Capital Incentives to run this complex incentive with the minimum of overheads, making it a very attractive proposition for MAN.