Beanstalk Management

There is an old saying "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". This was certainly the case for the partners in business consultancy Beanstalk Management. They had  worked with i-ntarsiatm reseller Halfpenny Design and the I-Next SEO team on a successful e-commerce website for a flight experience company which contributed greatly to the value when they sold the business., The same web team was, therefore, the obvious choice for their new consulting venture.

The challenge for Beanstalk was to achieve maximum search engine exposure in the shortest possible time for a brand new venture with a new domain name. The partners, Matthew Byatt and Richard Baker, had both been through the I-Next SEO Masterclass and were, therefore, able to do:

  • Phrase, link and blog research
  • Develop and SEO action plan based upon their research
  • Undertake a programm of on page SEO
  • Develop programme for off page SEO
  • Develop an effective Pay Per Click campaign strategy

Developments in the i-ntarsia platform also made it easy for them to:

  • Produce a Google Site Map
  • Integrate with social networking sites
  • Address the Google canonicalisation issue

The results has been for them to achieve top 5 Google rnakings for key search terms such as:

The traffic these targeted rankings produce is providing a vital leads to sustain and grow their business.