Explorer Travel

Explorer travel are a good example of a web business using i-ntarsiatm. Explorer sell travel agency franchises to their customers. The franchise includes a website of varying complexity depending upon the package purchased. I-Next have worked with Explorer to develop:

  • A full e-commerce, site deployment and configuration system
  • Automated integration with online travel search and booking providers
  • Easy to manage volume websites

Domain Varying Content

To make it easy for Explorer to manage the content on their entry level sites they use the Domain Variant Franchise module to maintain a single site but have key elements of the content (phone number, enquiry form recipients etc.) vary according to the domain accessing it. If you take a look at the sites below you will see that they are essentially the same with slight variations depending upon the address.

On more advanced sites, Explorer use the full Franchise module to give franchisees completely customisable sites.

Systems Integration

The more complex part of the solution was integrating the advanced travel search and booking system from Traveltek and ensuring that the right franchisee is credited with the sale. I-Next worked closely with Traveltek to ensure as tight an integration as possible with their system.

Explorer now have a stable, scalable, low management overhead platform to develop their business, all based upon the standard i-ntarsia platform