Initially Yours Clothing Site

Bluebell Web Design had been designing and building websites for small businesses using a franchise based website management system for a number of years. As their business grew their customer's requirements also seemed to grow, and soon it became apparent that the system they had were using was not capable of meeting the requiremenst of their customers. This was apparent for the Initially Yours site almost immediately.

Initially Yours are clothing supplier, who produce branded garments for Schools, Universities and businesses. They required a system where customers can login to a website, see the branded goods for their organisation and place and order on invoice account. Some of the items, such a sweaters are the same base products for a number of customers, with just the branding different.

Bluebell recognised that their existing management system would not be able to meet the requirement, and it seemed likely that they would not be able to develop the site for Initally. However, having signed as an i-ntarsia reseller just a month before, they were delighted to discover that this requirement could be met with a couple of standard i-ntarsia modules.

Using the i-ntarsia e-commerce system Bluebell and Initially were able to define a product code and sku code system that enabled a product catalogue to be created. The flexible system also then allowed custom departments to be defined for each customer and the relevant product SKUs associated with the relevant departments. The system was put in account invoice mode, which enabled the required type of checkout to be set up and customised to suit. This meant that the required store logic for the system was complete.

The final part of the project solution was to create customer login areas where the relevant departments can be displayed. This was easily accomplished with the i-ntarsia eBusiness Person module.

The fact that the solution used standard modules meant that Bluebell kept the costs down for the system, and they reduced the testing time. The roaring success of the Initially Yours and their site has meant that the functions and services have been extended even further since. Bluebell have been delighted that they have exceeded, and continue to exceed their customer requirements.