Roberts Radio E-Commerce

When internationally renowned radio manufacturer wanted to install an e-commerce system onto their catalogue based i-ntarsia site the benefits of i-ntarsia's modular system became clear.

The project faced a number of challenges:

  1. The original site was built as a product catalogue without an e-commerce functions
  2. All pricing and stock information was held in a central, corporate IBM mainframe
  3. All order fulfilment is organised via the IBM system
  4. The site needed to accommodate public purchasing as well as retailer ordering

The first challenge was easily solved. The i-ntarsia Catalogue Module is actually the front end of the full e-commerce system with all of the data structures required for full e-commerce. All that was required was to upgrade the catalogur module with the i-ntarsia e-commerce module, defined the user process, set up the templates and install the payment gateway.

The next two challenges were more difficult. In default mode the i-ntarsia e-commerce module takes its product feeds in Microsoft Excel format and it has its own purchase management system. What was required for Roberts was a custom product data loader and order exporter. A data exchange mechanism using XML was agreed and a custom module developed which could handle the regular scheduled transfers. The module enables near real-time stock levels to drive product display rules and same day processing for orders.

The final challenge was to support mutliple pricing modules for the same product sets. Fortunately, user based price books are a standard feature of the i-ntarsia e-commerce system. The system allows different pricing to be displayed to different people based upon their login status and role. Coupled with this, the fact that the i-ntarsia e-commerce module can support multiple user defined checkout routes meant that trade users can order on an account invoice basis.

The end result was a system delivered at the lowest price in the shortest possible time. Both crucial for web businesses.