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I-ntarsiaTM Version 2.0 Launched

10th. January 2005: I-Next Ltd. today announced the latest version of the i-ntarsia web site management system for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Version 2.0 boasts a number of enhanced features as well as a new high capacity deployment system designed to support their growing reseller base.

I-ntarsia 2.0, offers end users:

Enhanced editing capabilities
Drop in forms and modules
Enhanced statistics and reporting
Improved image and file handling
Extended module support
Improved performance

In addition, i-ntarsia 2.0 is the first version of the product built specifically to support I-Next's third party reseller channel. "With version 2.0 we've released the Schema Development environment for third parties" announced John Hannawin, Managing Director of I-Next. "This will give third party graphic designers, marketing agencies and web site designers unprecedented control over the sites they deploy in a content managed environment. Using the system, they will have total control over the templates, stylesheets, table definitions and forms" he continued.

Although not highly visable externally, i-ntarsia 2.0 has been built with high capacity deployment in mind. All customer sites are deployed by a central control server affectionately known as "Big Mama". This system will allow I-Next to deploy a site and modules for a third party within minutes of receipt of an order. "Rapid deployment of sites will allow our third parties to deliver to their customers more quickly, which keeps the customer happy and helps reseller cash flow by speeding their time to revenue" commented Hannawin.

The deployment system marks the completion of the first stage of I-Next's migration of the i-ntarsia product to the Utility Computing platform. "Once we have coupled the deployment system to a utility computing platform, we will be in a position to deliver a highly scalable solution for Platinum partners such as ISPs" Hannawin explained, "watch this space".