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Dextra Laboratories Fly High With I-ntarsiatm

7th. February 2005: Carbohydrate synthesis and glycobiology specialists Dextra Laboratories have transferred their web site into the i-ntarsia environment to take advantage of the search engine optimisation tools. The move will result in a return on investment within 12 months due to the significant amounts of money being spent by Dextra on web site promotion.

As a specialist in a highly technical field, Dextra should expect to score well in search engines such as Google. The web site they had had designed by a web design company was very capable with a suitably high-tech look and feel. However, the site had been designed with an almost total lack of regard for search engine success, and Dextra had no tools to improve the situation. Consequently, to drive traffic to their site they had to resort to pay-per-click advertising.

Since the transfer to i-ntarsia, Dextra's search engine positioning, particularly within Google, has improved immensely. Using i-ntarsia's Doorway Page Tree system Dextra now enjoy a worldwide top ranking for almost all of their catalogue headings, e.g:

Fluorinated Monosaccharides
Biotinylated Oligosaccharides
Sialylated Neoglycoproteins

Dextra are now in a position to further optimise their search engine positioning using large collections of historical material. All of this has been achieved using standard features of i-ntarsia, and by following the process defined in I-Next's "Search Engine Success Using i-ntarsiatm" white paper. Use the contact form if you would like a copy of this white paper.

Please visit the Dextra site at