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Capital Incentives Launch On-Line Incentive for Renault UK

23rd. May 2005: Specialist Incentive and Motivation company and i-ntarsiaTM reseller, Capital Incentives, have launched an on-line third party incentive for Renault UK using the i-ntarsia web site management system.

Renault UK needed a system where third party sales people in dealerships across the UK could log into a web site and check qualifying sales for a product based incentive. The sales are loaded daily, and participants can redeem their rewards by selecting from a range of Capital Incentives reward vouchers.

The i-ntarsia system provides a flexible framework for the incentive, allowing content and incentive information to be changed almost hourly if required. The in-built user management system means that all participants can be easily updated and given access only to those parts of the site that they require.