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I-Next Announces Four New I-ntarsiaTM Products

10th. October 2005: I-Next Limited, the leading web site content management company, have announced, today, four new variants of their i-ntarsia web site management system and rebranded the range as I-ntarsia Editions.

I-ntarsia Editions now have five family members:

Enterprise Edition
Corporate Edition
SME Edition
SOHO Edition
Personal Edition

The product previously known as simply "i-ntarsia" is now known as "I-ntarsia Enterprise Edition". The four new editions slot in under the Enterprise Edition with lower annual fees starting at only £250.

"We have responded to the feedback of our customers by introducing additional, competitively priced editions into the i-ntarsia range", said I-Next MD, John Hannawin. He continued, "I-ntarsia was conceived as a low cost web site management system for a medium sized business and we succeeded in delivering that. All of the support, training, service level and security was built in to meet that design goal and is there today. However, our customers and resellers found i-ntarsia so flexible and so easy to use that they wanted to use the product on smaller projects."

The new products in the range mean that i-ntarsia can now be economically used on almost any size of web project. "What I find really exciting is that with the SOHO Edition a small business can have a custom e-commerce system up and running for a one off fee of £650, and an annual fee of £500! That really breaks a few barriers!", Hannawin commented.

To find out more about the I-ntarsia Editions visit the product pages, or contact I-Next today.