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The Cooks Friend Company Launch E-commerce Site for HandyMittsTM

18th. October 2005: The Cooks Friend Company have launched their first e-commerce web site to sell their revolutionary HandyMitts product using the i-ntarsiaTM web site management system and the i-ntarsia e-commerce module.

HandyMitts are retractable oven gloves and bring a novel but practical solution to the age-old problem of not being able to find an oven glove when the hot dish is ready to be handled. Using the patented Retract-o-Matic system, two oven gloves are permanently attached to the apron and always ready for use.

The site has been set up by the inventor to sell HandyMitts to the public and professional chefs alike. "I needed a system which would allow me to develop my own site at my own pace, but still present a highly professional first impression. I-ntarsia is ideal because it is very easy to use yet very flexible in terms of site style. I worked with an approved i-ntarsia designer and got a custom designed site for the same cost as you would expect to pay for a simple, templated site" commented HandyMitts inventor, Keith Steptoe.

Taking a look at those costs it is clear that i-ntarsia offers a VERY cost effective way of launching this type of site:

Item Cost

I-ntarsia SOHO Edition £500

I-ntarsia E-commerce Module £650

Custom Design & Templates by Nemo £600

Total £1,750

However, for Keith, getting the site together and launched was only half the battle. "What most site developers don't understand is that getting the site live is not the objective, selling the product is the objective. I-ntarsia comes with a set of powerful tools and detailed instructions on how to get your site ready for business with the search engines etc. These really help you to make your site successful. I've enjoyed sales in the first weeks of operation because I'm actually being found by people", Keith continued.

You can check out the HandyMitts site at, and they can deliver for Christmas!