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A New Way for Small Businesses to Buy a Web Site

web:4:sme is a new, 3 step, web site build service specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and micro businesses. web:4:sme combines the simplicity and cost benefit of using web site templates with the power and flexibility of a professional web site management system.

web:4:sme has been launched by I-Next Limited, the company behind the i-ntarsiaTM web site management system. “I-ntarsia is being very successfully sold by our resellers, with over 100 companies using it”, commented John Hannawin, MD at I-Next. He continued, “However, we were being contacted by a large number of SMEs, start-ups and micro businesses who wanted access to i-ntarsia technology but didn't have the funds to go through a custom site design with our traditional resellers. Their experiences with other products or methods available to them were that these were either too simplistic, too restrictive or too much hard work and none would help them succeed or grow. We listened to what they needed: low cost, self managed, monthly billed, professional looking, extendible web sites which they can optimise for success. We got the message and created web:4:sme”.

web:4:sme customers can visit and buy a package consisting of:

A web site style
A package of content
The i-ntarsia site management system
Web site hosting

Site styles start at £27 and content packages start at £200. The content package consists of a set of pre-defined pages which the customer can edit, delete or add to as required. In addition, the package can contain active contact forms, e-commerce and marketing systems and standard legal pages such as Site Terms of Use. web:4:sme customers can, therefore, get a professionally designed company web site up and running, very quickly, for as little as £227. This complete, working, site can be purchased for only £47 more than a copy of the most popular 'build it yourself' software.

In addition to the set up fee, web:4:sme customers are charged a monthly fee for the web site management system and for site hosting. Two options are available, £20 per month for smaller sites, and £40 for larger and e-commerce sites. All charges are billed to the customer's credit card.

Every web:4:sme customer is enrolled in a unique 52 week Site Success Programme. This programme helps busy owner/managers maximise their success on the web by suggesting and explaining a single web task for each week. When followed, the weekly tasks will enable every web:4:sme customer to build a successful web site. The programme has been put together by experts at I-Next who are regularly asked to run events on the subject of web site marketing for SMEs by The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Business Link.

I-ntarsia allows the web:4:sme customer to change, update and expand the site as required. I-ntarsia includes a range of business tools to help the site succeed. These include quality checking tools as well as search engine optimisation and monitoring tools. In addition, there are over 20 add on business systems and modules available, starting at £50, to ensure that web:4:sme customers can develop their site into more complex business or e-commerce systems if they need to.