Technical Experts

We shy away from the term 'expert' or worse, 'guru', because we are always learning new technology. However, when you've been building web applications since 1995, there is a certain amount of knowledge that you just accumulate. We've tackled most types of web application over the years. Every one adding to the depth of understanding that you can tap into as an I-Next partner.

MANERF Star Performance Continues for a Further Year

23rd. January 2007: Once again, i-ntarsiaTM reseller Capital Incentives have launched the Star Performance incentive for MANERF, the leading truck and bus manufacturer. This fifth consecutive year easily makes it the longest running online sales incentive in Europe.

The incentive system takes all UK sales data from MANERF and translates this into a series of stars for each sales person. Sales people have their Stars turned into credit on their Incentive Award Card (used just like a credit card) at the end of each month and each period. In addition, they compete in leagues based upon stars earned for additional incentives such as holidays etc.

The system is built on the i-ntarsiaTM web site management system, with individual incentive features being provided by custom i-ntarsia modules.