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Nearest Branch Module Launched for I-ntarsiatm

12th February 2008: I-Next Limited today announced the release of the Nearest Branch Module for the i-ntarsia website management system. This module allows website owners to publish a service which will enable their customers to locate nearest branches or stockists based upon their post code.

The Nearest Branch Module is aimed at businesses with a large number of physical branches or stockists of their products. The module is driven from a database which the site manager maintains in spreadsheet format. Thousands of records of branches or stockists can be loaded into the system. As each is loaded, the module queries the PostcodeAnywhere web service and stores grid data for each. Site users can then enter their own post code which is again converted into grid data to enable a list of matching records to be produced order by physical distance from the user.

The Nearest Branch module display is fully templated by the site designer, and this enables simple integration with other geographical modules such as the Google Maps Module. A good example of this module in use is on the Roberts Radio site.