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Grace Electronics Switch Their Own Site to I-ntarsiaTM

16th June 2008: I-ntarsiaTM reseller Grace Electronics have switched their main trading website to the i-ntarsia platform.

The previous Grace site was built using the popular e-commerce package Actinic. However, as Grace extended their online presence and started to offer service clients website solutions, it became clear that the site needed to be in a more flexible management system with a dynamic e-commerce backend.

I-ntarsia has proved ideal because the e-commerce module, when installed, doesn't impose any restrictions on the layout and function of the site. Grace had the additional issue that they only sell to account customers and, therefore, needed to keep price information private until a particular user was authenticated. This site feature was easily achieved through the links between i-ntarsia's e-commerce system and its user management module.

For further information on Grace Electronics, please visit their site at