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Crescent Creative Launch New Site

14th July 2008: I-ntarsiaTM reseller, Bluebell Web Design have delivered a new website for Bristol based design specialists Crescent Creative.

Bluebell had delivered a previous website for Crescent using a low cost content managed system. However, Crescent's requirement to be able to content manage their specific display techniques soon exhausted the capabilities of the system. "Our client was a somewhat stuck with the capabilities of the system that we were using, because they wanted their site to be a little different" comments Jo Wakefield from Bluebell.

"We were not confident that we could find another system that would be flexible enough to deliver what the client wanted at the price point required. In particular, we wanted to make sure that if we were going to rebuild the site in a new system that we weren't going to find ourselves stuck again at some future point" Jo continues. "We were delighted when we found i-ntarsiaTM because not only is it extremely scalable, but it is also easy to use and available in a range of prices to suit our client base. The Crescent site was built very quickly because we were able to use the existing design, and the client is very happy".

For further information on Crescent Creative, please visit their site at