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New Editor Available for I-ntarsiatm

23rd. November 2009: I-Next today announced the availability of a new editor for the i-ntarsia platform. The new editor is written in javascript rather than the Java language and, therefore, removes the need for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on client computers.

The new editor offers a number of advantages over the previous version:

  • Faster load times
  • Full rendering of HTML constructs for closer WYSIWYG
  • Native support for XHTML
  • HTML path feature to make complex edits easier
  • Three modes for different user skills
  • Enhanced spell cheker functionality

"In some ways, the move away from Java as a core technology for the i-ntarsia system is sad" commented I-Next MD John Hannawin, "Problems with compatibility with version 5 & 6 of the JVM and Microsoft's resistance to it as a competitive technology have meant that the 'write once run anywhere' dream is broken. However, we are very pleased with features an functions that are now available to us through the Javascript language, and as Web 2.0 continues to develop we will be well placed to take advantage".

The upgraded editor is available free of charge, on request to any i-ntarsia customer.