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Clone Page Function Makes Content Creation a Breeze

26th. November 2009: I-Next today announced an I-ntarsiatm Code Release (ICR2009-04) which installs a new 'Clone Page' function into the i-ntarsia site structure view.

I-ntarsia's panel based page creation methodology is simple to understand/use, very flexible and makes making site wide changes child's play. The only disadvantage has been that each time a new page was created, all of the panels had to be defined. Not a huge problem, but a little cumbersome especially when multiple similar pages need creating on sites with multiple menu systems.

The 'Clone Page' function now makes producing similar pages for new web site sections as simple as clicking a single button. The new page is created with a new filename, but inherits all of the menu structure from the page being cloned. All that the editor need to do is create the content items for the new page, and it is ready to publish.

"This feature came out of our own use of the i-ntarsia system, and customer feedback" said John Hannawin, MD at I-Next. "We know it will save all i-ntarsia users a lot of time. It's not that anyhting was wrong, it was just that we made it better".