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Ani-Banner - FREE Animation Module Launched for I-ntarsiatm

8th. December 2009: I-Next today announced the Ani-Banner Module for I-ntarsiatm. Using this module i-ntrasia website managers can create and deploy animations on their websites without the need for Flash or other multimedia technologies.

Many webmasters want to use animated banners to get key messages across to their users. Until now, they have had to rely on animated gifs or Flash. Both of these are resource hungry and require a consideable amount of expertise to produce. "Adding animations to sites always took a disproportionate amount of budget for our resellers" explains John Hannawin, MD at I-Next, "with advancing browser technology we could see that there was an easy answer and so we produced the Ani-Banner module".

The new module is shipped with all of the functionality to make simple animations. However, the template approach enables resellers with good Javascript skills create almost any style of animated image.

The module has been released as a no-cost addition to any i-ntarsia site because of its almost universal appeal. More details on the module can be found on the Ani-Banner Product Page.