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I-Next Announce the Customer Returns Module

25th. January 2010: I-Next have announced the availability Customer Returns module, for the I-ntarsiatm web site management system, to enable site owners to manage the submission of complex forms.

The module is ideal for things such as tax assessment forms. Using the module a firm of accountants could easily set up a complex tax return form. Website users could then either register or be registered with a username and password enabling them to complete the form. Once complete, the form is sent to the accountant, who prepares the official 'return' and puts a copy on the site for the user to approve etc.

This is very different from the standard form base system where forms are just sent to the site owner for processing. Within the Customer Returns module there is an inherent exchange of information which makes it ideal for professionals such as accountants or IFAs:

  • Registered user completes complex, multi-stage form
  • Professional uses the information to prepare a report/return (e.g. tax return)
  • User approves report/return (and possibly pays)

The module is very flexible and has the following key features:

  • Managed completion of a complex mutli-stage form
  • Users managed with eBusiness Person module
  • Form can be completed in multiple sessions
  • Fully templated to fit with any style site
  • Workflow notification on submission, response and progress chasing
  • Can be linked to e-commerce functions

The module is available immediately, and can be installed on any i-ntarsia site. The eBusiness Person module is required.