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New Features Available for I-ntarsiatm

2nd. March 2010: I-Next are pleased to announce that two new features will be added to the I-ntarsia website management system today at 4pm.

Section Download

The first feature is an upgrade to the file and image libraries to add a 'Section Download' feature to allow you to download some or all of the images and files in your libraries. The feature can be accessed as show below:

Section Download Function

We think this is particularly useful for those running e-commerce catalogues or image libraries.

Meta Tags in Clone Page

The second feature is an update to our recently added 'Clone Page' feature, to allow the page Title, Description and Keywords to be set as the page is cloned. If you've used this feature as much as we have, you'll know how welcome this addition is! The new clone page dialog looks like this:

Clone Page Dialog

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