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Baxter Confidential Launch Site Using I-nsitutm

16th. April 2010: Today, west country based web design team Bluebell Web Design launched the brand new site for Baxter Confidential, the Hampshire based confidential destruction specialist. The site incorporates the i-nsitu website self management system allowing Baxter staff to update the site whenever they need to.

An analysis of Baxer's requirements clearly showed the need for an impressive, state of the art website with the ability to update and change elements easily. However, it was also clear that the site may need to scale in both size and management capability in the future. I-nsitu was an ideal choice for Baxter. "We are very comfortable that i-nsitu is the right solution for Baxter today" commented Jo Wakefield of Bluebell, "but we also know that we can scale the site and management capabilities should we need to with the full i-ntarsiatm system. That's good news for us, but more importantly it is great news for Baxter, as they know their investment is protected".

The Baxter Confidential site can bee seen at