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I-ntarsiatm Knowledge Base (IKB) Launched

31st. May 2010: I-ntarsia users can now benefit from extended on-line help and tutorials within the I-ntarsia Knowledge Base.

The IKB extends the previous i-ntarsia help system with the following features:

  • Additional document types
    • System Help
    • Articles
    • How To Guides
    • Technical Principles
    • Product Guides
  • Step-by-Step animations (created using Ani-Bannertm)
  • Browsing by subject
  • Browsing by document type
  • Browsing by product
  • Instant support ticket creation

The new service presents a wider range of on-line help material than has been available before and it is organised for easy retrieval by i-ntarsia users. If a user can't find the information that they need, then they can raise an interactive support request which will be sent to their site managers.

The system is based on the forthcoming Knowledge Base module for the i-ntarsia system. This allows i-ntarsia users to create collections of material in an structured way, and then create relationships between the material to aid retrieval.