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I-ntarsiaTM User Form Capability Extended

2nd. August 2010: I-Next are pleased to announce the release of the Delivery Forms Module for i-ntarsiaTM . The new module enables the standard form system to be used to create asset (e.g. PDF)download requests which deliver the files via email as well as the web.

If a site owner wants to offer a file for download, but would like to be able to contact those downloading the file at a later date, then the Delivery Forms module offers an easy way to do this.The module enables single and multiple files to be managed for email delivery or web download.

To the end user, the link to the file is displayed as a plain link on the page. When the link is clicked the user will be shown a form to collect the information that the site owner requires. The email address entered into this form is then confirmed using a short confirmation email with an embedded confirmation link. Once confirmed the file is delivered via email as an attachment, or access to a number of files is given via a link.

The use of the email confirmation system,and the other spam prevention measures in the standard form base module make this an excelent way of collecting high quality marketing information. Data collected via the system can be exported at any time from the module management panel.

The Delivery Forms Module is a FREE addition to any i-ntarsia site.