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Reduced Running Costs for Nearest Branch System

9th. August 2010: I-Next are pleased to announce that the Nearest Branch Module for i-ntarsiaTM has been updated. The update provides a major cost saving for clients running the service.

The i-ntarsia Nearest Branch module has relied on the site owner paying for a postcode lookup service from Postcode Anywhere. In April this year, the Ordinance Survey released the data required on a free of charge basis. Whilst this data is only a fraction of what can be obtained from Postcode Anywhere, and it only covers Great Britain and not Northern Ireland, it is enough to enable the module to convert postcodes to the grid references needed to calculate relative distances for the vast majority of searches. I-Next have, therefore, integrated a regularly updated feed of this data into the Nearest Branch Module.

The module can now operate without a Postcode Anywhere account, although one is required for coverage of the whole of the UK. On busy sites such as Dimplex and Roberts Radio, even with the limits on coverage the update is saving hundreds of pounds per year.

This update is free for i-ntarsia customers who subscribe to the Nearest Branch Module.