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I-ntarsiaTM Adds Country Based Information Module

26th. August 2010: I-Next are pleased to announce the release of the Country Based Information Module for i-ntarsiaTM . The new module enables the i-ntarsia user to deliver content based upon the country the site viewer is in. A typical application would be for a site owner to offer a choice of content, for example contact details, based upon the country that the person viewing the web site is in.

The module uses a large database of IP ranges to locate the country a specific site visitor is coming from. This database is regularly updated without intervention from the i-ntarsia user. A default content item is created by the i-ntarsia user within the module. In addition variations of this content item can be created for individual or groups of countries. The CBI module is them dropped into the required place on the page with the specific default item selected. The default content is then served as part of the page unless a match with the alternative content countries occurs in which case the alternative content is served in its place.

In it's simplest form this module can be used to vary content. It can however, be built into more complex systems using Javascript. The Roberts Radio site, for example uses it to display alternative local site information for visitors from various countries. This function is built into a javascript popup and combined with a cookie to ensure that if the user wants to stay on the UK site, they are no longer bothered by the popup.

This module should be used to vary content based upon physical location. It should not be confused with i-ntarsia's inherent multi-language capability to deliver content in the language of the viewer's choice.