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I-ntarsiatm Site Configuration System Launched

13th. July 2011: I-ntarsia resellers now have more control over the configuration of their i-ntarsia sites using the 'Site Configuration System'.

The system, accessible from the i-ntarsia 'build menu', has the following features:

  • Dual mode (edit for resellers, display for end users)
  • Display/Deployment of live hostname for the site (e.g.
  • Display/Deployment of additional hostnames for the site using Google recommended 301 redirects
  • Listing of modules deployed and version number
  • Display/Addition of a favicon
  • Page count information

This first release of the function provides enough features for a reseller to completely launch a site without the need for any assistance from I-Next. However, this function is set to develop quickly to enable resellers to undertake all configuration tasks, including the ability to swap modules and try new functionality.