Technical Experts

We shy away from the term 'expert' or worse, 'guru', because we are always learning new technology. However, when you've been building web applications since 1995, there is a certain amount of knowledge that you just accumulate. We've tackled most types of web application over the years. Every one adding to the depth of understanding that you can tap into as an I-Next partner.

I-ntarsiatm - Making Technical Sense

Selecting a website management platform is a big decision and it must make Technical Sense. We have developed the i-ntarsia system using the experience we have gained since I-Next was founded in 1995. That's why we believe it makes technical sense to a wide variety of businesses that develop websites:

  • I-nsitu: A simple, low cost page update system.
  • I-ntarsia: A powerful website management system.
  • Profiler: The management tool used to set up and configure i-ntarsia and i-nsitu websites
  • Modules: Extending the capabilities of a website using off-the-shelf modules gives competitive advantage
  • Custom Projects: Where a project requires something a bit different, we can develop whatever is needed and integrate it with i-ntarsia and/or i-nsitu

We have gone through the "technical sense" analysis successfully with a large number of agencies. Even if you think that any management system would restrict your technical solution, why not get in touch to see if our approach offers any technical advantage. The least you could gain is confirmation that you're on top of your game.