I-ntarsiatm For Your Site

If you would like to see the benefits of i-ntarsia applied to your site then you can. Either get in touch with one of our resellers, or send us your details and we will have someone contact you.

I-ntarsiatm Benefits for Site Owners

Choosing a platform for your business website is a big decision. Here are some benefits that our existing customer base have identified to us:

  • Service; i-ntarsia isn't just a piece of software, it is a package of creative and technical strength
  • Choice; being able to chose from a number of talented agencies means that you can get the right one for you
  • Stability; the i-ntarsia system is stable, achieves very high website availability for customer sites and has been doing so consistently for years
  • Scalability; the ability to start on a low cost i-nsitutm platform knowing that everything is available right up to Enterprise Edition
  • Ease of Use; the easier the system is to use the more you use it, keeping the site fresh and creating credibility with the search engines
  • SEO; the platform is inherently SEO friendly making online success easier
  • Low Cost; the lower the cost of a quality platform the more budget can be spent on site design, content and features
  • Features; the huge range of modules make implementing features which help the site succeed cost effective
  • Customisation; the fact that custom functions can be produced if required protects investment in a changing world

We're happy to talk to companies considering using our platform, so why not get in touch.