Drupal 8 Entrepreneurships

Drupal 8 Entrepreneurships

As finals fade into memory, digital media graduates will be looking for their ‘next step’. Today’s gig economy means that working freelance or setting up a small agency is a serious option. We’d like to help - consider this:

  • You could take your digital skills in UI/UX and front-end to customers safe in the knowledge that you have a world-class team behind you handling all of the backend issues: Hosting, OS, Drupal updates, security, GDPR etc.
  • You could talk to a business team that have been building digital services since 1995 to discuss proposals, pricing, contracts etc.
  • You could provide professional support and infrastructure to customers to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • You could build your own business by investing your skills, time and enthusiasm with no strings.

We are delighted to confirm that our Drupal 8 Entrepreneurship programme is running in 2018. We are looking to help a small number of talented digital media graduates set off on a path to running their own business.


Our programme is not for everyone, so read the Q and A section here. If you are interested, then please follow the advice and get in touch in the manner you think most appropriate.