I-ntarsia July 2019 Release

I-ntarsia July 2019 Release

We are pleased to announce that the July release of the I-ntarsia platform is now ready and will be deployed to all I-ntarsia nodes in the next few days.

Release Cycle

We have adopted a quarterly release cycle for the I-ntarsia platform with releases in April, July, October and January. These releases will include all core and supported module updates. Any security updates released between our releases will be applied on release.

July 2019 Release Notes

This release has been used to prepare for Drupal 9 and add some capability to the platform. The changes are:

  • Upgraded Drupal core to 8.7.5
  • Upgraded Metatag module to 8.x-1.9
  • Added AMP module
  • Added module D8 File Upload
  • Added module Easy Breadcrumb
  • Added module LinkedIn Insights
  • Added module Content Security-Policy
  • Added module Security Kit
  • Added more default paragraph types
  • Audited platform modules for D9
  • Modified default configs for Linkit and HTML base editor

Some of these changes may require innstallation and configuration, please contact your site builder for details.