Popup Eshop Programme

Popup Eshop

As the UK lockdown started, our team had a brainstorming session to see if there was anything we could do to make a difference. As web platform people our meaningful options were limited. However, it soon became apparent that many UK businesses are struggling to adapt to a more online approach to business. We saw business owners launching shockingly bad e-commerce websites in DIY builders such as Wix. Most of these looked awful, behaved badly and cost a LOT more than the initially expected fee. In many cases, the lack of legal documentation also meant that the owners were breaking distance selling regulations. Now, this was a problem we could help with and so we set ourselves a project target:

Create a Drupal 8 Popup Eshop With A Full Ecommerce Feature Set, Powered By Paypal , To Deploy And Build In Hours and Sell To Our Partners At A Lockdown Target Price Of £150 One-Off And Then £10-£20 Per Month with £25 Of The One-Off Fee Being Donated To The Drupal Association.

That was our goal, and we've done it!


A Tactical Step for Existing Businesses

The UK lockdown did not give us enough time to be strategic. Many businesses will be forced to alter their business tactics dramatically over the coming months. A Popup Eshop is designed to be tactical. The costs are such that it can be deployed to keep a business stream going for ANY size of business but then binned as soon as it is no longer required.

A Low Cost Business Trial

As the UK bounces back, businesses will need to be able to try different options to maximise their opportunities in the new economic landscape. A Popup Eshop is designed to be fast and frictionless with a price tag that makes testing out as many of these opportunities as possible realistic for ANY size of business.

Build a Solid Future

Of course, any site built under the programme is a solid Drupal 8 site and can be used as the bedrock of a future strategy. The same Drupal-based i-ntarsia platform is used on top ecommerce sites such as https://www.karcher-center-trafalgar.co.uk/. We're already looking at extending a Popup Eshop to take a data feed of 10,000 products a day!

Stop struggling with DIY and
get a really low-cost professional service.

How Can The Price Be Sustainable?

The bottom line is, it can't! A professional Drupal 8 e-commerce site is normally £5,000 upwards. That's why the Popup Eshop Programme is only available during the UK lockdown period. It is a genuine attempt to help businesses get going again.

Why Donate To The Drupal Association?

Yes, there are many, more 'useful', donations we could make to help fight the virus. However, the only reason we can offer such a great programme is that the Drupal project is so great! Much of that is down to the Drupal Association which funds some development as well as organising and motivating contributors. In a worldwide lockdown, their revenue stream, which mainly comes from events, has been decimated. This is our way of contributing.

We are also insisting that our partners offer their customers a product to top-up the donation if they can afford it. All money collected that way will go the the Drupal development effort.

Get Involved

If you want to offer a Popup Eshop to your clients or you need one yourself, please get in touch using the form below.