Bespoke Service Provider

Many companies providing offline or traditional services are often required to deliver online access to those services for their clients. Typical services might include:

  • Corporate gift giving
  • Long service award redemption
  • Franchising holiday and cruise booking
  • Franchising a business
  • Funeral director tribute service
  • Staff recognition systems
  • Staff reward systems
  • Product documentation management

It is impossible to list all of the possible services that might need to have an online delivery option. The key, however, is that the online system is only a means to an end for the bespoke service provider. 

Profile Needs

For the types of services outlined above, there is rarely an off-the-shelf solution. If a standard implementation can address issues for all customers then it makes sense to develop this from scratch. Where there are bespoke requirements for each client, however, the challenges mount up:

  • Creating a library re-usable sub-systems to minimise costs
  • Minimise staff training to administer multiple systems
  • Flexibility to meet bespoke customer demands
  • Demonstrating specific capability cost effectively 

I-ntarsia offers a cost effective solution to these challenges.

Profile USPs

I-ntarsia is the ideal platform for Bespoke Solutions Providers for the following reasons:

  • The same base platform can be used by multiple clients
  • Internal support teams have reduced training on bespoke systems
  • An application library of modules can be built and re-used where applications are similar
  • The user experience teams have creative freedom
  • Corporate services (data feeds  and exportsetc) need only be developed once
  • Infrastructure can be tested to meet corporate client requirements
  • Strong relationships between i-ntarsia technology teams and corporate IT
  • Cloud based scalable architecture
  • Platform sites can be built in client data centre if required

There are many more advantages which all help reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

Profile Example


Edenred are a leading global provider of total reward solutions which include incentives and motivational reward systems. Their incentive customers want their staff to engage with online platforms to deliver the following services:

  • Staff recognition systems
  • Staff reward systems
  • Corporate gift giving
  • Long service awards
  • Channel sales incentives

Specific modules have been developed to meet both generic and customer specific specifications for these services.  By using the i-ntarsia platform Edenred are able to:

  • Minimise the cost of systems development
  • Give their clients access to content management with the service delivered
  • Meet aggressive system deployment timescales
  • Minimise the cost of ownership
  • Minimise staff training
  • Scale systems to meet peak demands
  • Meet their customers security requirements

I-ntarsia is used to deliver these systems for various blue chip clients.